How Will My Divorce Affect My Children?

Provo Divorce lawyer 

Divorce will affect your children more than you could ever know. Knowing about these effects beforehand will help you counter those effects and help your child through that difficult time. 



With all the changes that happen during a divorce, stress and anxiety becomes inevitable for children. Because of this, it might cause the child to become anxious in their future relationships. Help your child see that not all relationships end in divorce and try to avoid divorce-related discussions in front of them.


Trust Issues

When a divorce ends because of betrayal, it can cause a child to experience trust issues in their own future relationships. If your divorce ended because of a betrayal, explain it sensitively to your child.


Social Issues

It is common in children who experience their parent’s divorce to be shy and self-conscious.



When a child witnesses their parents splitting, it can be a traumatic situation. This can cause a child to develop a pessimistic attitude towards life and relationships.


Our Provo Divorce Lawyer Experts have said that if you and your ex treat each other with respect and maintain a good relationship, it will help your child in their future relationships to know that disagreements don’t always have to lead to an end of a relationship.